Learn specific methods for successfully resolving the many aspects of Complex PTSD.

Know what to do, when, to get great results with your clients.

PTSD is complex.

A single method isn't sufficient to resolve most Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In this online video training, you'll learn complete treatment protocols for the phobic response of terror and the nightmares and flashbacks many PTSD sufferers experience.

You'll also see demonstrations, discussion, and protocols for related problems that are so often a part of “complex PTSD”: guilt, grief, shame, anxiety, hypervigilance, anger/rage, and critical internal voices which often trigger these responses.

In all, 16 different methods are taught in this program, helping you cleanly sort and resolve all the aspects of PTSD that your clients present.

This may very well be the most comprehensive and useful training for resolving PTSD ever developed.

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    The 15 hours of professionally recorded video is available for instant streaming in full HD quality. That means no video files to wait to download or taking up your hard drive space, and no shipping costs. Just log in and watch anytime, as often as you’d like, with no time limit.

  • Learn on the Go with Audio

    If you have time to commute or exercise, you have time to learn these methods. The audio from the 18 video clips is available for downloading and putting onto your smartphone or tablet. If you listen just 30 minutes a day, in a month you will have listened to the entire training!

  • Step-by-Step Handouts

    Download and print handouts for each method which guide you through each step of the process, so you’ll know exactly what to do. Use these instructions to practice, and even use these notes in sessions with clients.

  • Ask Steve Your Questions

    Each video page has a section for comments where you can get your questions answered from Steve Andreas himself. That means no more wondering why the method you tried didn’t work!

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"Steve Andreas is truly a master of NLP processes...Books and written materials are very helpful, but being able to learn from actual body language, tone of voice, pacing and acknowledgement of the client was outstanding. I was also relieved of extreme anxiety during my session with Steve."

— Resolving PTSD Training Attendee

Watch a five-minute sample:

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"What will I learn?"

  • How to identify and resolve the phobic core of PTSD.
  • How to create alternative memories to help the client feel empowered instead of helpless.
  • How to help clients reduce physical pains such as those from traumatic brain injury (TBI).
  • Two different ways to use eye movements to help clients spontaneously resolve memories (and they are both gentler than EMDR).
  • What to do when things do not go as planned (including a live demonstration!).
  • How to build a life-changing experience that occurs before a traumatic event, making it easier to deal with.
  • How to strengthen and adjust a client's personal boundaries...or your own! (Great for "compassion fatigue.")
  • How to resolve grief by creating a sense of ongoing connection with the lost person.
  • How to resolve anxiety, rage, or other strong feelings with one simple and dependable method.
  • How to transform inner critics, bullies, and other troublesome internal voices into supportive allies.
  • How to resolve anxiety caused by internal dialogue (without CBT!).
  • How to sort out co-dependent and messy relationships with this powerful technique.
  • How to forgive and resolve anger, effectively.
  • Learn the differences between shame, guilt, and regret, and how to resolve each of them.

"I received four big benefits. One was looking at many issues clustered with PTSD and how to address accompanying behaviors rather than just the traumatic event. Second, the Spinning Feelings strategy was fabulous...I can't believe my NLP trainers didn't teach us this one. Third was observing Steve not pushing for results, but being respectful of a client's resistance...gentle, respectful work is powerful. Fourth was the reminder that 'Your task is one of altering, not abolishing.'"

— Judith Hurlburt

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Meet your trainer:

Steve Andreas, M.A. has been a leader in the field of NLP for over 3 decades. He has authored or co-authored many books and training manuals including Heart of the Mind, Transforming Your Self, Help with Negative Self-Talk, the NLP Practitioner Training Manual, the NLP Master Practitioner Training Manual, and more. Steve has also produced over 50 therapy training videos and numerous articles.

He has been an invited presenter at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, and the Milton H. Erickson Brief Therapy Conference for the last 25 years. Steve is currently focusing on PTSD treatment and interventions, and is on the Board of an NLP Research group currently running a clinical study on PTSD treatment.

The researchable NLP derived protocol, Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories (RTM), has relieved PTSD symptoms in less than five hours in preliminary clinical trials. The research in progress with PTSD affected veterans is being conducted by staff from Syracuse and Fairleigh Dickenson Universities, through a grant from New York State. Additional research grants to study the RTM PTSD Treatment Protocol have been applied for by staff trained by Steve at Ohio University.

He and his wife Connirae have developed or refined many approaches applicable to PTSD treatment, and their work has been published in over 15 languages.

"It is a goal of mine to continue to become more and more flexible in my practice. Steve openly and artfully moves from one possibility to the next when working with 'clients.' He does not get stuck on a particular protocol, but instead works with an individual to continually discover what may be most helpful. His work portrays the principle that everyone is unique and therefore, every 'treatment' will vary and change. He personifies true humility in his work and continues to exemplify a deep desire to grow and learn while not getting caught up in being 'right or wrong.'"

— Charles Wedwaldt


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